image of director Samira Bizoola

Samira Bizoola

Director/Registered Manager

"I decided to set up SAM2SAM Deaf Care Service Ltd in order to increase awareness for deaf people in need of care. I firmly believe that they deserve the same level of care, attention and support as those of hearing service users. Through my own experiences, it came to my attention that the care service offered to the deaf community is limited, often inadequate and very costly. Many are unaware of such services and are left struggling to find the right level of care because of lack of communication. My ultimate goal is to raise awareness and improve the quality of care by providing professional, affordable care for all our service users and those of our deaf community."

Samira Bizoola is qualified in British Sign Language and has worked supporting deaf people within and out of the social housing sector for the last 10 years. She is also qualified in Health & Social Care and Child Care. Samira has a wealth of knowledge from working within the deaf and the care industry.

 Qualified in Health & Social Care, Samira has over 20 years experience within the care sector, including residential and domiciliary care. Fluent in British Sign Language, Samira was a support worker for deaf individuals within the social housing sector before starting Sam2Sam Deaf Care Service Ltd in September 2013, alongside Marvin Bizoola.

Through her own experiences, Samira realised the care services available to the deaf are limited, often inadequate and very costly.
Samira believes in a person-centred approach and feels passionate about promoting independent living. With her hands-on method, Samira leads by example through working with all clients. This enables her staff members to shadow in her footsteps ensuring that her care team are competent to deliver a high standard of care.

Image of Marvin Bizoola

Marvin Bizoola


“My younger brother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 20 years of age and being his main carer, I experienced the impact it had on me and my family as my brother deteriorated. When Samira approached me with the idea of setting up a care company, it was clear to me that my ambition in life was to help other people and their families to get the right support”.

Specialising in Dementia care, Marvin is our Dementia Champion. He liaises with other care professionals with clients suffering from Dementia and trains employees in Dementia Care. Marvin also has a background in social housing. Marvin worked in facility management, responsible for numerous sites and through his own experience, witnessed first-hand the need for quality homecare which inspired him to set up Sam2Sam Deaf Care Service Ltd in co-ordination with Samira Bizoola.

With a Diploma in Health & Social Care, Marvin works closely with some clients and carers, ensuring that the best quality and person centred care is being delivered at all times.

Yvonne Obillo

Business Development and Training manager

Yvonne is from a multimedia background and is responsible for Sam2Sam’s business development. She works alongside the Managing Directors to maintain and improve media communications such as website design; advertisements and research in identifying new business opportunities. Yvonne is also responsible for recruitment and partakes in the interview process for prospective employees of all levels.

As our Training Manager, Yvonne conducts all our In-House Training and identifies where staff require further assistance in progression. She will compile a bespoke developmental plan for each individual employee. Yvonne is a qualified care professional and is an integral member of the management team.

Image of Yvonne Obillo

Janet Lionel

Office Manager

Janet has been with Sam2Sam Deaf Care Ltd since its inception in 2013 as a volunteer administrator. With over 20 years experience in customer care, Janet flourished as the company thrived applying her skills as she worked her way up to Office manager and is also our dedicated Team leader. Fluent in BSL(level 3) Janet supervises most of our employees and is excellent in team building and boosting morale.

With Janet’s diligent personality and her thirst for knowledge, she achieved a level 5 extended diploma in management and leadership while working with us and will complete her level 5 in health and social care in the near future.

Image of Janet Lionel

Charlotte Matienzo


After leaving university and obtaining a degree in Mass Communications, Charlotte found a passion in working with people. She has worked in administrative and customer service job roles for almost 10 years, giving her a great deal of experience and knowledge and equipping her with excellent customer care solutions for all team members and service users. She joined Sam2Sam at the beginning of 2018 as part of the management team. Here, Charlotte has been able to apply her clerical and managerial skills to the care sector and aid in providing a service that offers the best possible tailored care.

Charlotte has completed Level 1 in British Sign Language and is currently studying for her Level 3 in Health and Social Care to broaden her knowledge in care settings. She will then progress to Level 5 Health and Social Care.

Image of Charlotte Matienzo

Magdalena Bienkowska


Magda joined our company back in 2016 and is the youngest member of our care team. She has completed all necessary training, including, Care certificate, Dementia care and Spinal injuries enabling her to work with those with very complex needs. Her cheerful and friendly personality generates a unique rapport with all the clients which motivates her to provide a superb service. Magda is profoundly deaf and is fluent in a number of languages. As well as her carer job roll, Magda is also training to be a Physiotherapist.

Image of Magdalena Bienkowska

Katherine Tucker


“I believe that people with any disabilities should be able to do anything with the right support and determination”.

Image of Katherine Tucker

Kat is our newest member of Sam2Sam and has brought a wealth of knowledge to our team. She has worked in the care sector for some time, specialising in complex needs for adults and children. Qualified in British Sign Language Level 2, Kat has worked for a number of years with a deaf client and colleagues. Kat enjoys working within the deaf community and is passionate about making a difference.

Kat is a Nutritional Therapist with over 5 years of experience. She is able to do consultations in BSL, making her accessible to deaf clients without the need for an interpreter. Kat is a very caring and thoughtful person who is all about promoting natural self-healing methods. She is studying Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy and her ambition in life is to open a holistic clinic in the future.

Kat is available for private Nutrition consultations, please contact a member of our team for more information.

Manisha Pankhania


“It is very rewarding to be able to make a positive difference in people’s lives and the training and support I have gained from working with Sam2Sam has made this possible.”

Manisha is profoundly deaf since birth and is fluent in BSL. Prior to joining our team in March 2015, Manisha was the sole carer for her elderly in-laws. This was the steppingstone which led to a career in the care industry. With her caring and compassionate nature, we knew Manisha was the ideal candidate for a career with Sam2Sam. After completing her care certificate, Manisha has gone on to achieve further qualifications such as catheter care and bowl management training and has gained in depth experience working with complex needs.

Image of Manisha Pankhania