How much does home care and live-in care cost?

The cost of home care must be both reasonable and predictable. Financing care with Sam2Sam Deaf Care Service Ltd is a matter of building a package to suit your lifestyle and needs. We deliver home care services in a minimum of three-hour visits, with additional hours available after this. With care that is flexible and can adapt to your changing needs, you can rest assured that you will always have a carer there when you need them. Your fees are determined according to whether or not you are being financially supported by your Local Authority, and any other funding support you receive.

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For more intensive support, live-in care could be the ideal solution if you require someone to assist you round-the-clock with your care needs. Your very own live-in carer will provide one-to-one person centred support – giving you peace of mind that you always have help available should you need it. Live-in care can either be for a sustained amount of time with no planned end date or in the form of respite care, which is for short-term solutions lasting less than four weeks. Sam2Sam Deaf Care Service Ltd care assessments are free, and carry no obligation to use our services.

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Direct payments

Following your assessment, if it is decided you require care services, you could be offered direct payments. As part of this arrangement your local council will make monetary payments directly to you so that you are able to organise and pay for the care services of your choice. These payments are intended to help and support you to remain living comfortably at home. Furthermore encouraging independence and social inclusion in areas such as employment, education and leisure activities. The Government is intending to increase the number of people who receive direct payments; this will help more people gain access to the benefits required. If eligible for support with funding, your local council must consider direct payments as an option for you.

Independent Living Fund (ILF)

Funded by Central Government, the Independent Living Fund aims to support people with disabilities to live independently in their own homes. The Independent Living Fund (ILF) provides money to help disabled people live an independent life in the community, rather than in residential care. You can use payments from the ILF to:

Employ a carer or personal assistant who is responsible for your personal and domestic care.

Pay a care agency to provide personal care and help with domestic duties.

Individuals use these payments for the basis of employment costs and associated employment costs of a personal assistant or care agency. This is to provide the support and care needed at home. You can find out more information regarding what the costs cover and do not cover on the Government website.

Private funding

Should you not be eligible for public funding, or would simply prefer to fund your care privately, you will need to source your care independently. Faced with so many different options and conflicting information, this can become both a time-consuming and overwhelming task. If you are looking for support with financial planning, we would recommend that you contact an impartial Financial Advisor specialising in Care Fees.

They can discuss options such as:

Equity Release
Funding Care fees
Estate preservation
Wealth Preservation

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